Our Services

For over 40 years the biologists at Aquatechnex have been at the forefront of the fight to protect our water resources. Our team pioneered assessment technologies to detect and map threats to our nation’s lakes and rivers. We have a recognized expertise in the restoration of aquatic habitats impacted by invasive aquatic species. As phosphorus pollution is increasingly driving toxic algae blooms, our team has the technology to sequester and remove phosphorus from lake and river systems. We support homeowner associations, pond owners and golf course superintendents protect the value of the water on their property. We have the capabilities to analyze, proscribe solutions and implement programs to protect and restore any size water body.

Our service teams are centrally located at offices throughout the Western United States. Our biologists perform a comprehensive analysis of your water body and those areas that influence your water quality, then build and implement a prescription that will mitigate your problems. Our team practices Integrated Aquatic Plant Management Planning when the focus is problem weeds or algae. We also suggest proactive measures to target nutrients and improve water quality. Please contact us at 855-245-LAKE (5253) or through our contact page on the site and we’ll get you moving in the right direction.