Algae Blooms

Correcting Harmful Algae Blooms

HOA Managers and Golf Course Superintendents are heroes to their community.

Their work protects the assets of the properties they work on and manage. HOA managers often act in a role much like City Managers directing staff to protect infrastructure. Golf Course Superintendents are responsible to their membership to provide excellent playing conditions and maintaining the aesthetics of the landscape.

Correcting Harmful Algae Blooms

Two conditions are threatening the health of our nation’s freshwaters.  The warming trend in the atmosphere is raising water temperatures.  Nutrients such as phosphorus are rapidly accumulating through runoff and other modes.  Cyanobacteria or Blue Green Algae thrive under conditions of warmer waters and higher phosphorus concentrations.
Harmful algae blooms or HAB’s are a rapidly expanding problem.  The common method of dealing with these blooms is to close the lake.  This can have a dramatic impact on lakeside property values and recreational opportunities. 

These species are toxin producers. Cyanobacteria produce acute neurological and liver toxins that can cause death to pets or wildlife within hours of ingestion. News stories often talk about dog deaths around community park lakes. There are cases each year of cattle or elk/deer herds being wiped out after drinking from an infested lake. These species also produce chronic toxins. Compounds produced by cyanobacteria have been found to directly contribute to ALS and similar diseases in humans. Recent studies have also shown that these toxins can aerosolize and become airborne, impacting human health miles away.

Aquatechnex is a leading expert in the management of cyanobacteria blooms.

Our team has several field and remote monitoring technologies to determine when problem blooms may occur. These include handheld fluorometers that measure chlorophyll a and pigments unique to cyanobacteria. We can deploy real time sampling buoys that track and report conditions allowing for a response. We have aerial multispectral drone systems that can map algae blooms and density. We use this information to inform control strategies.

Our team is equipped for any size reactive algaecide treatment necessary. We regularly treat large lakes and potable water reservoirs to remove the threat of toxins. We have a variety of treatment tools available to address specific species and situations.

Aquatechnex can Guide You

Aquatechnex is also recognized as an expert in the process of sequestering phosphorus. When lake phosphorus levels are high, cyanobacteria have a competitive advantage and thrive. Since 1970, our company has deployed lake treatment technology to convert phosphorus to be biologically unavailable to fuel algae growth.

There is no need to close your lake when toxic conditions develop. Our team can restore your lake system and protect the health of those around the waterbody.

Our Call to Action

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Success comes when you’re a hero to your residents or membership. Well maintained lakes are an asset to your community or course. We guide you to success and are a partner in your efforts.

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