Eurasian Milfoil Control

Eurasian Milfoil Control

Invasive aquatic weeds are a threat to lakes, reservoir and river systems. In the Western United States and Canada, Eurasian Milfoil is the predominant harmful introduced species.

This plant spreads primarily by fragmentation. Fragments can travel from an infested lake attached to boats and trailers. Once the fragment is released into the new site, it will gradually grow small root hairs, sink and root in the lake bottom. Once there it can row at a rate of a foot per week. Once established fragments dislodged by wave action or boat traffic allow it to spread further.

The dense monocultures of this weed pose several problems.  Plant beds interfere with boating and swimming, there are drowning deaths each year attributable to swimmers tangled in this growth.  Studies have shown that property values on lakes with dense milfoil growth can be reduced by up to 20 percent.  Dense milfoil growth can also seriously degrade water quality parameters important to fish.  Endangered salmon species for example require cool water and high levels of dissolved oxygen, waters impacted by Eurasian Milfoil growth warm considerably and dissolved oxygen is depressed.
A new technology to selectively target and remove this invasive species was approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency in 2018.  ProcellaCOR herbicide is a systemic selective product that will remove Eurasian Milfoil without harming most native aquatic plant species.  It can be used to restore lake and river systems impacted by this noxious weed. 
ProcellaCOR can be used without placing any restriction on the use of the treated water for swimming or fishing.  It can be applied without restriction to potable water supplies.  There is a short restriction on drawing water for irrigation of broadleaf plants from the treatment area.
ProcellaCOR can only be purchased and applied by SePRO Pro Certified Applicators.  These companies have the expertise to use this technology correctly.  Aquatechnex is licensed and Pro Certified to design and implement control programs with ProcellaCOR throughout the Western United States and Canada.

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