Golf & Community Lake Treatments

Public and private golf properties and community lakes are often impacted by water quality issues, aquatic weed, and algae problems. On the golf course, lakes are designed to enhance play, provide a source of irrigation water and there is often a real estate component where residents paid a premium to live on the lake. Aquatic weeds and algae detract from the aesthetics of the landscape, impact the ability to use the lake as an irrigation supply, and degrade property values of those homes on the water. There can also be nuisance insect problems such as midge hatches and disease vectors such as mosquitoes that can thrive in poor water quality conditions. Golf and community lake treatments get the water back to how it should be.

How Aquatechnex Handles Golf and Community Lake Treatments

Aquatechnex biologists have a proven record of helping these groups maintain the value of their properties. Our total lake management programs provide regular inspection and monitoring by our staff lake managers, and we can take corrective action when any of these problems are encountered.

With new disruptive technologies such as remote water quality monitoring equipment and nanobubble generation systems, we can also ensure problems do not develop between visits when those issues are primary.

Some of the premier golf and lake communities in the Western United States count on our teams to protect their water resources.

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