Invasive Species Management

One of the major problems facing our nation’s waters are the introduction of invasive aquatic weeds. These plants are imported from other parts of the world and have no natural checks and balances in our aquatic ecosystems. Many of these species spread primarily as fragments on boat trailers. Even small things can have an impact on invasive species management. Once these fragments are introduced they establish and rapidly colonize the littoral are of our lakes and rivers forming dense monocultures.

Invasive Species Management is Critical for Ecosystems

These weed communities interfere with boating, swimming and other recreational activities because of the thick mats present.  There are several drowning deaths each year attributed to swimmers becoming tangled in these beds.  They interfere with the delivery of irrigation water and hydro power generation.  They also alter water quality parameters critical to aquatic life.  In Western Waters, they have a significant impact on salmonids at critical stages of their lives.

Our team is expert in the selective control of these species.  We can design and implement programs that will target these species with systemic US EPA registered aquatic herbicide technologies.  This starts with accurate mapping to qualify the extent of the problem and to measure success against.  Next the correct technology is selected and applied.  Results are often delivered within one month of treatment and are long lasting.

Our team is expert in the management of:

  • Eurasian Milfoil and hybrid biotypes
  • Curly Leaf Pondweed
  • Brazilian Elodea
  • Flowering Rush
  • Hydrilla
  • Water Hyacinth

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