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Lake Heroes

HOA Managers and Golf Course Superintendents are heroes to their community.

Their work protects the assets of the properties they work on and manage. HOA managers often act in a role much like City Managers directing staff to protect infrastructure. Golf Course Superintendents are responsible to their membership to provide excellent playing conditions and maintaining the aesthetics of the landscape.

The Problem

Lakes can be a significant problem. As lakes age, they go through a process called Eutrophication that drives problem weed and algae growth. At advanced stages the algae growth can produce toxins that impact human and animal health.

HOA lakes are the centerpiece of those communities and are a reason people purchase in the community. Managers must protect water quality to protect that resource.

Golf Course Superintendents go to school to learn how to manage turfgrass, but often the lakes are the centerpiece of signature holes on the course and the eyes of the membership are drawn to them.

Lake management is required, but often the expertise to do necessary work is outside the scope of managers.

Aquatechnex can Guide You

Aquatechnex biologists are guides that help you work through these problems. We have the expertise to assess and correct water quality problems. We have the tools necessary to maintain and improve water quality. We can help you maintain your position as a hero in your community.

The Plan

Our lake management plans have several key steps.

We use Adaptive Management to assess the situation, provide prescriptions to solve problems, implement the prescription to correct issues, monitor results and address new issues before they arise.

We use preventative technologies such as pre-emergent aquatic weed control, phosphorus sequestration to stop Harmful Algae Blooms

We can provide aeration and fountain technology to maintain water quality and improve conditions.

We can see problems before you do and correct them

Our Call to Action

We call you to have us evaluate your situation and develop a plan. Our team can come to your property, understand your concerns, and build you a plan for success.  Contact us at Contact Form


Success comes when you’re a hero to your residents or membership. Well maintained lakes are an asset to your community or course. We guide you to success and are a partner in your efforts.

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