The Solution

We use the adaptive management process to develop and implement solutions that restore water quality and value to lake communities.

  • Adaptive management is a process.  Our scientists first study and assess the unique situation each lake system poses.  Using our experience, mapping technologies, and laboratory support we identify drivers of the problems and the scope of the problem faced by the community
  • Using the data collected we assess and develop prescriptions to address the problem.  This is informed by our decades of experience providing corrective programs that work
  • With the approval of the client, we move to implement the prescription.  This can involve obtaining permits, making applications of restorative technologies, or installation of automated control technologies.
  • We continue to monitor during and after implementation.  Adaptive management involved tracking results and fine-tuning the fieldwork to deliver results.  Lakes are living ecosystems and issues can change over time.  This process ensures progress in restoration and adaptation when new issues develop.

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