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Good Article on our work at Ketchum Lake

October 27, 2015

Posted in Cyanobacteria Phosphorus sequestration

Ketchum Lake has been one of the more prolific algae toxin producing lakes in the state of Washington.  Aquatechnex biologists were brought in to implement an ALUM treatment program that focused on sequestering phosphorus.  This project has been very successful.  For additional information on this project and results go to the County Web Site at... Read more

Phoslock Work Continues to Impress

August 6, 2013

Posted in Cyanobacteria Phosphorus sequestration Toxic Algae

Free Reactive Phosphorus drops to near below detection Aquatechnex pioneered the use of Phoslock technology to improve water quality in Western US Lake Systems starting in 2010.  We have treated over 20 water bodies with similar results, a dramatic reduction in Phosphorus available in the water column to sustain toxic algae populations. The latest project in Southern California continues... Read more