Aquatechnex moves into Montana/Wyoming

Aquatechnex biologists getting organized for Flowering Rush Mapping and Treatment Project on 70 miles of the Pend Oreille River

Aquatechnex, LLC has been providing lake and aquatic plant management services for five decades.  The company operates in the Western United States and has a recognized expertise in the management of invasive aquatic species and the mitigation of Harmful Algal Blooms (HAB).  The company also has an excellent reputation for managing HOA, Parks and Golf Community Lake systems.

We operate from ten offices in the Western United States in Washington, Idaho, Oregon and California and cover Montana and Utah.  Our offices support each other in terms of manpower and equipment needs.  We have over 20 well trained college degreed scientists and lake management technical support staff.  We draw on that expertise when unique problems present themselves wherever we work.  We have three employees that have achieved the Certified Lake Manager (CLM) designation from the North American Lake Management Society.

Aquatechnex biologist work to solve water quality problems throughout the Western United States

Services Provided:

  • Mapping aquatic plant infestations and other lake features.  Our team utilized an array of technologies to support aquatic plant management objectives.  Our BioBase hydro-acoustic mapping systems provide bathymetry, aquatic plant bio-volume and sediment composition maps that we use to design treatment programs.  We have a full suite of DGPS/GIS capabilities and are trained to focus them on water quality issues
  • Water quality monitoring.  Our team is expert in the use of field instruments to monitor water quality and toxic algae blooms.
  • Aquatic Plant Management.  Our team provides expert use of aquatic herbicides and algaecides under applicable permits to restore lake and river systems impacted by these problem species.  We can design programs to selectively remove Aquatic Invasive Species
  • Toxic Algae Mitigation.  An increasing problem as nutrients flow to our waterways are cyanobacteria or toxic algae blooms.  These are a direct threat to the health of wildlife and humans that are exposed to these blooms.  Often lakes with HAB blooms are closed to the public.  Our team has solutions that restore these lake systems including Phoslock program design and implementation
  • Lake Aeration, Fountains and Nanobubble Generators.  We are a distributor for leading manufacturers of lake aeration technologies including AquaMaster, Kasco Marine and Moleaer Nanobubble systems.  We can design a program to support your water quality goals.
  • Golf Course Lake Management.  Our team members have been selected by the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA) to teach lake and aquatic plant management seminars for a number of decades.  Our Palm Desert (CA) office is totally focused on managing golf course lakes.  We can help insure your lakes are an asset to your property and enhance play.

Please keep us in mind if you face lake management challenges, Ben is ready to dive in and help you.  Thank you for your consideration.

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